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Strangers Have The Best Candy

10 June 1982
My name's Stephanie I'm a mom of three, and a bail bonding agent. I am married and happy with my husband, Mike, of almost 11 years. I have a nine year old girl, Samantha, an ten year old boy, Tony, and five year old boy, Dominic or Duck.

I'm that girl that everyone thinks is so naive, but truly I'm not. I realize when someone's trying to take advantage of me and will probably make a decision on whether they really need my help or not. Sometimes people are misjudged, and really need a hand up.

Yes I'm aware that there are users and abusers in the world. I just refuse to give up on the true good of the human race. If you've found an easier way of getting the good without the bad please enlighten me.

I like most people I meet and am pretty good at adapting to anything. I talk to people I don't know constantly, if someone is sitting next to me and I'm bored they're probably going to get to talk to me.

I'm terrible at cleaning house, but I'm working on that and getting better. I love to cook, I actually went to school for it for awhile. I'm not the best dessert chef, but I'm pretty good at making the meal itself. I especially love to grill.

I love my family and friends. They know if they ever need anything all that they have to do is ask.
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